Hi, my name is Elaine Jane. Welcome to my online platform. Born on the 4 of sept. First fact; yes I’m a Virgo. Flight attendent owner of ejvworld4u.com and owner of byelainev.com. Mom of Chloe & Jayden.

Comming from, where I’m from!

Yes born and part raised in Surinam. Caribbean Gyal in the house. Ok by the time I was 9 my parents moved to Amsterdam. So still based there. Got educated in Tourism and I am also a certificated fitness group instructor.

Started from the bottom now where here!

Yes, I started my own online platform called ejvworld4u. A combination of my initials. I find my inspiration in living a healthy lifestyle, and for me Fashion and Beauty is one of the keys of looking beautiful and representing your self, and loving your self. Because of my job as a flight attendent, I meet a lot of people. I see the beauty of different cultures while traveling. But also the most important is parenting and adulting. So I decided to share all of my daily lifestyle on a platform called the world of Elaine Jane Vliet born on the 4th of September.

Welcome to ejvworld4u. Inspire or get Inspired! still want to know me check out the get to know me Q&A.

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