Who is a BAHAMA-MOMMA? She is fierce, flawless, smart, sophisticated. It’s a tropical classic for every hot damn’d female on this planet! When we say every one. Whe mean every one who loves to express your self with Fashion! Cause life isn’t perfect honey, but your outfit can be! She is a self-made woman with an edgy style!

Style is a way to say, who you are without having to speak!


As a litlle girl Elaine made fashion shows with dolls and dresses of paper magazines. At 19 she started working in an high-end clothing stores and she loved to give customers styling advice. But there is one thing she had learned allong the way is every stores sells fashion & clothes, but it’s all about style! Style is a way to say, who you are without having to speak! She started her own platform called ejvworld4u. A combination of her initials. Born and raised in Surinam (South-America). She is a carribean girll! Based in Amsterdam she wanted also a platform with lots of diversity! She finds her inspiration in living a healty lifestyle, and for her Fashion and Beauty is one of the keys of looking beautiful en representing your self, and loving your self!


That’s why she created “Bahama-momma”. A Shop-blog! A shop with a wardrobe full of Edgy magic. A cocktail that everyone should like. A place full of inspiration. How to style & buy it! A place that’s to glam to give a damn!

Get inspired and become a “Bahama-Momma” a self-made woman!

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