Behind the Blog


Hi, my name is Elaine Jane. Welcome to my online platform. Born on the 4 of sept. First fact; yes I’m a Virgo. Flight attendent owner of and owner of Mom of Chloe & Jayden.

I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked. love god you’re self. A woman has the age she deserves. Attitude is everything. I like things simple.  


Comming from, where I’m from!

Yes born and part raised in Surinam. Caribbean Gal in the house. Ok by the time I was 9 my parents moved to Amsterdam. So still based there. Got educated in Tourism and I am also a certificated fitness group instructer.

Started from the bottom now where here!

Yes, I started my own online platform called ejvworld4u. A combination of my initials. I find my inspiration in living a healty lifestyle, and for me Fashion and Beauty is one of the keys of looking beautiful en representing your self, and loving your self. Because of my job as a flight attendent, I meet a lot of people. I see the beauty of different cultures while traveling. But also the most important is parenting and adulting. So I decided to share all of my daily lifestyle on a platform called the world of Elaine Jane Vliet born on the 4th of September (like Beyonce, yeah and i am a fan of Rihanna & the Kardashians sorry not sorry).